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Our speaker for the May meeting, Dr. Andrew Peregrine, has provided this updated chart as of May 30.  Among the updates shown is the increased estimated Lyme disease risk for our area.pastedImage

Mike Burrell, co-author of this book, will be our speaker at the September meeting.

Best Places to Bird in Ontario covers the top 30 birding destinations in Ontario, with up-to-date information on hard to find species, directions, birding tips, and much more!

We’re excited to announce it’s release after spending the last couple of years preparing our book — Best Places to Bird in Ontario — scheduled for release in Spring 2019!

Best Places to Bird in Ontario follows a series that is being published by Greystone Books, and so far includes the Best Places to Bird in B.C. and the Prairies.




Free Online Course:  The Cornell Lab Offers eBird Essentials

This is a new online course from their eBird Academy.  This eBird Essentials course guides one through how to get the most out of the eBirding experiences and invites one to become a part of this worldwide project.  It is estimated to take about three hours to complete, but can be taken a little at a time, if desired.

  • Discover tools that help you find birds wherever you go
  • Gain confidence submitting your sightings
  • Get expert tips for using eBird and joining the community



What is the OVN?

The Otter Valley Naturalists consists of about 50 members.  We are members of a much larger provincial body known as Ontario Nature (ON). Ontario Nature includes over 160 clubs and over 35,000 members from across the province of Ontario.

The OVN meets monthly, usually the 2nd Monday of each month, September through June, at the Vienna Community Centre.  The club  has speakers and activities every month. Some of the activities include: the Christmas Bird Count, the Baillie Birdathon (in Conjunction with Bird Studies Canada), a summer butterfly count, Monarch Butterfly tagging, a spring cleanup, nature walks, education and outreach, habitat creation and rehabilitation projects.

We look forward to seeing you!