Featured Scientist Bill Evans, Bridget Stutchbury’s Hooded Warbler Geolocator Research, Documentary News.
Newsletter #3Hello and happy September,As we edit our film, songbirds have finished raising their young and many neo-tropical migrants are on their southbound migration journeys. Where and how birds migrate has always been a puzzling question. Unraveling the mystery of their migratory journeys is however getting easier with the amazing tracking tools that scientists are using in their research. This edition of the SongbirdSOS newsletter will give you a glimpse of two tracking technologies featured in the film.
The Geolocator: A Powerful Research Tool
In just a few years, bird migration research has taken a huge leap forward due to the use of geolocators equipped with light level logger technology. Find out how ornithologists and bird researchers are using this tool…
The Hooded Warbler: A Geolocator Experiment
Dr. Bridget Stutchbury, author of Silence of the Songbirds and a professor at Toronto’s York University, tells the story of her ground-breaking experiment with the tiniest songbird to ever carry a geolocator. Visit our blog to watch the YouTube video captured by Director Su Rynard and crew, and learn more about Dr. Stutchbury’s findings.
Featured Scientist: Bill Evans
Bill Evans, a renegade scientist with an admirable ‘do-it-yourself’ spirit, has been monitoring and recording avian night flight calls for over 25 years. A world leader in a unique type of acoustic monitoring, Bill created a specialized microphone that a number of bird lovers and scientists are using too. Learn more about Bill and his work.Next month: We will feature Andrew Farnsworth from Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology.
Çağan Şekercioğlu winsTurkey’sTop Science Award
Congratulations go out to University of Utah’s Çağan Şekercioğlu who is being awarded the TUBITAK Award in Science for his conservation work in the Aras Wetlands in Turkey. He is the first biologist, environmental scientist and also youngest person to ever win this award for scientists from Turkey working abroad. Cagan’s wetlands and bird conservation work in Turkey is featured in SongbirdSOS. More here.
Doc Industry News
Watch for our film in Spring 2015! Stay tuned for dates and times.Also in 2015, television versions of the documentary will be broadcast in Canada by our production partners CBC’s The Nature of Things and Canal D in Quebec. The documentary will also be telecast in two one hour episodes on ARTE in France and Germany.
SongbirdSOS signs with ZED
SongbirdSOS has just signed with Paris-based international distributor: ZED. ZED will make SongbirdSOS available in Europe and around the globe. We are excited to be working with this world-class distributor, who recently released the Oscar-nominated documentary The Act of Killing.Please share this newsletter with your friends and colleagues who love the environment and birds. If our documentary project is new to you and you are keen to be one of the first to find out more, we’d be delighted if you join our e-newsletter mailing list. We promise we will not share your address with anyone else.