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Hi Ontario SwiftWatch Participants and Contacts.

The Chimney Swifts are back!

Thank you for your past support of the Ontario SwiftWatch program, I hope that you plan to join us for the 2013 season on the Ontario SwiftWatch

To begin please let me direct you to the main Chimney Swift Website atwww.birdscanada.org/research/speciesatrisk/chsw within the website you will find all the resources needed for the 2013 survey season including:
· The 2012 Ontario SwiftWatch Program Report
· The Steps to Ontario SwiftWatch – which is the main protocol factsheet for Ontario SwiftWatch
· The SwiftWatch Calendar – a new tool to help you schedule your activities
· The Finding Chimney Swift Roosts and Nests Fact Sheet – to help you decide where and how to search for Chimney Swifts
· A direct link to the Ontario SwiftWatch Online Data Submission site as well as
· two “rough forms” that you can use in the field: Ontario SwiftWatch Data Entry Form & Presence/Absence Worksheet; and finally
· the Tax Relief Form which allows you to receive a tax receipt for any costs above and beyond your “normal daily activities”. What is meant by “above and beyond”, for example if you drive to work and happen to see swifts you are within your normal daily routine, if you drive all over town, specifically looking for appropriate chimneys then you can apply for a tax receipt to cover your mileage.
As with last year the primary objectives of the Ontario SwiftWatch Project is to identify nesting and roosting habitat for Chimney Swifts (basically let’s find those chimneys). But for those groups and volunteers interested in the Population Monitoring and the National Blitz there is enough information within the factsheets and the calendar to allow you to accomplish these activities as well. As with last year, all data should be entered into the Ontario SwiftWatch Online Data Submission site if relating to a single visit to a chimney, multiple visits, population monitoring or the national blitz.
Keep in mind that casual sightings and rigorous nest/roost searches are both important. If you see the chimney swifts use the chimney report the observation to the online data submission site. If you see the swifts, but can’t find the chimney, report it to eBird.ca as this will provide a mapping/recording mechanism for yourself and future participants.
Also – we would like to get a better idea when the chimney swifts arrive… and leave. Thus let us know the first date you see them as well as the last. You can use the data submission site for this or you can post it on face book (please don’t post chimney addresses) or email me directly.
Finally just a reminder that we do have 22 communities with coordinated programs. If you belong to one of the communities listed here and do not know your coordinator just sent an email and I will put you in contact with them.

Ontario SwiftWartch Communities with Coordinators

Barrie and Brereton Area Fort Erie and Niagara Area Mississauga Pembroke Sudbury
Bancroft Guelph Orillia Peterborough Stratford
Brockville Halton Oshawa Picton Temiskaming
Cambridge Hamilton Otter Valley Schomberg Toronto
Credit Valley London

As for all those emails sitting in my Chimney Swift inbox, I plan to respond to as many as possible next week thus, keep them coming and look out for responses.

Thank you for your time and patience. I look forward to working with you again this season.

Kathy Jones
Ontario Volunteer Coordinator
(Canadian Lakes Loon Survey)
Bird Studies Canada
P.O. Box 160
Port Rowan, ON
N0E 1M0
Toll Free 1-888-448-2473 ext. 124