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By declaring 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity, the United Nations challenged us to do our part to chart a new course for protecting our natural heritage. With this in mind, Ontario Nature is excited to announce the release of our Green Way Forward report, which examines provincial policies aimed at natural heritage protection in southern Ontario relating to biodiversity, planning, aggregate extraction, environmental assessment, and land use.

This comprehensive report is a milestone in our campaign to protect Ontario’s rich diversity of plant and animal life; it puts forward our vision for policy reform to support a Greenway of interconnected natural areas across southern and eastern Ontario.

Why is a Greenway important? A Greenway will conserve sensitive ecosystems, protect waterways, improve air and soil quality, protect and restore natural areas for wildlife and species at risk, enhance human health and well-being and, critically, enable wildlife to adapt to the anticipated impacts of climate change.

In the Green Way Forward, Ontario Nature presents 24 recommendations that address the problems underlying current provincial policies aimed at natural heritage protection.

According to the report, Ontario can no longer afford, either economically or ecologically, to use a piecemeal approach to natural heritage protection. As the province’s human population grows, and the likelihood of negative impacts from climate change increases, we need courageous and forward thinking initiatives like the Greenway to safeguard the biodiversity of southern and easternOntario.

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